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Millennium Environmental owns multiple Direct Push Sampling Rigs and is fully prepared to support you in your site characterization and/or remediation projects. Millennium's rigs offer a very reasonable alternative to other drilling methods. Our rigs are hydraulically-driven direct push boring and sampling systems. The direct push technology produces minimal spoils, minimizing the cost of soil disposal.

The push rods and sampling tools we use are the strongest currently available. This equipment was specifically designed to be effective under and withstand difficult drilling conditions such as those encountered under deeper conditions or in tight sands and cobbley soils.

What others are saying about Millennium:

"Millennium had a definite vision as to the capabilities and performance they expected from their new Geoprobe® machine. We sat down with them and reviewed their wish list in order to tailor a machine to best suit their needs. The 54 Series was a good fit for them, and with some minor modifications, we were able to provide a machine that mounts and detaches quickly and easily on a skid loader. Once the probe unit is removed, it can also be maneuvered into very limited access areas without the carrier vehicle. Geoprobe Systems® provides many machine options to match customer needs, and with our engineering staff available to help with special needs, we are able to provide industry-leading machines our customers can depend on. We appreciate working with customers such as Millennium. They provide their customers with quality probing options, and Geoprobe Systems® is glad to be a part of their probing business."

- Geoprobe Systems®