Soil Sampling Methods

Soil sampling can be performed using a variety of sampling methods including: standard piston rod sampling, an ideal method for speed and efficiency; quick disconnect sampling for highly saturated zones; dual tube soil-sampling, eliminating the potential of cross contamination and ideal where soil sampling is conducted beneath shallow perched water-bearing zones; interval sampling for quick characterization sampling; and continuous core sampling ideal for soil logging and identification of zones of impact and saturation.

Millennium offers a variety of samplers to choose from depending on the given conditions:

  • Large bore, used in ideal conditions;
  • Stout bore used with stainless steel liners, used for firm, rocky or gravelly conditions;
  • Macro-core sampler, which is ideal for continuous boring and soil logging.
  • Millennium can also perform angle borings drilled to an angle of up to 40 degrees to collect soil samples beneath features of concern without jeopardizing the structural integrity of that feature.