Soil Gas Surveys

In a joint effort, the DTSC and the LARWQCB have prepared the Advisory - Active Soil Gas Investigations as to how to conduct soil gas investigations. Although this advisory is not yet a regulatory requirement, it is likely that a soil gas investigation not conducted in accordance with the state-of-the-art technology presented in the advisory will not be accepted by these two agencies. Furthermore, it is likely that the advisory will eventually be adopted by other local environmental agencies and CUPAs. Millennium has incorporated the guidelines set forth in the advisory as our standard installation protocols.

Millennium has also become intimate with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety's Site Testing Standards for Methane. We've conducted many methane surveys under these guidelines and are fully aware of its specific instrumentation and implementation. We have on occasion educated our clients on ways to conduct a large scale methane survey with minimal remobilization, thus passing the savings on to them.